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Protein Packed Jello

Protein Jello

Here's a FANTASTIC snack I made up/adapted from others:

1 packet Sugar Free Jello - Your favorite flavor
2 cups low- or no-fat cottage cheese
1 serving of vanilla protein powder
1 can or about 2 servings of fresh fruit

1. Blend cottage cheese and protein powder together in the blender. While it blends, boil one cup of water and If your fruit is canned, drain and run under water to rinse off excess sugars. Divide the fruit between 4 containers (I use the glad throwaway containers - they are just the right size).
2. When water boils add it to jello and dissolve. Slowly add the jello to cottage cheese/protein powder mixture and let the blender run for about a minute.
3. Pour the cottage cheese mixture evenly between the 4 containers.
4. Chill for 4 or more hours. Add a dollop of Redi-whip to the top and enjoy (real whipped cream, come on - it's only 20 calories, 2g fat, less than 1 carb).

It's SO SO SO good and I can't even explain it. It's like mousse with little bits of nirvana in it. I do this with:
- Orange Jello & Mandarin Orange Slices
- Lime jello and crushed pineapple
- strawberry jello and peaches
- cranberry jello & fresh raspberries
For a real treat add 2/3 cups of strawberries to the cottage cheese mixture along with the jello and pour over fresh strawberries.

Nutritional Breakdown
About 160 calories 16g carbs, 16g protein, 3g fat

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